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Top 10 Job Portals in Malaysia like JobStreet Malaysia

January 31, 2024

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Finding a job can be a long and tough process. Job Portals like JobStreet Malaysia are useful, but there might be other opportunities on other job boards.

Looking for permanent, freelance, or part-time positions? Want to search across industries or focus on a specific niche? There’s surely a job portal for you.

We’re put together a list of the Top 10 Job Portals used by jobseekers and professionals across the country. 

In our list, we’ll share what we love most about each job portal and how it’ll match your job searching needs.

Top 10 Job Portals in Malaysia like JobStreet

  1. Adnexio
  2. eFinancialCareers
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Hiredly
  6. Maukerja
  7. MyFutureJobs
  8. PartTime Post
  9. StartUp Jobs Asia
  10. Tech in Asia


Adnexio 1024x506

Adnexio is leading a revolution in the job search process. 

What’s so special about the platform?

Jobseekers are interviewed by artificial intelligence (AI). That’s right – AI!

Adnexio’s AI, NEX, interviews candidates in order to match them with suitable employers.

NEX evaluates your past job experience, your education, and even your personality through a customised test.

Using this data, NEX will then match you to prospective employers, helping you find the perfect fit that you’re looking for.

What we like about Adnexio:

  • NEX saves you all the trouble by using its algorithm to help you find your fit with employers.
  • Employers trust that NEX will only give them the best-suited applicants for the job. If you’re matched, there’s a higher chance you’ll be called up for an interview!
  • To make Adnexio accessible on the go, they’ve also created an app on both Apple and Google Play.

Visit Adnexio


Efinancialcareers 1024x252

Hoping to secure a job in the financial industry? 

Look no further than eFinancialCareers.

This is a niche site for jobs in the financial sector, with popular job sectors such as Accounting & Finance, Investment Banking, and Risk Management. 

But it’s not just limited to finance roles. There’s also a sizeable listing of Tech positions too!

What we like about eFinancialCareers:

  • Dedicated portal for finance roles with over 15,000 listings.
  • There’s an advice column that provides insights on topics ranging from salary guides to typical interview questions.

Visit eFinancialCareers

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Glassdoo 1024x390

Glassdoor is a one-stop service for everything you need to find out about a job. Not only do they have job postings, but also company reviews, interview questions, and salaries for different kinds of careers. 

They also provide writeups about job scopes to help you decide on what you’d like to work as.

What we like about Glassdoor:

  • Honest company reviews. Since reviews are anonymous, employees (both past and present) leave frank opinions on a company’s work culture, benefits, management, and more.
  • The ‘Salaries’ section helps you gauge how much you should be getting paid, helping you negotiate for better benefits.
  • Glassdoor allows job seekers to share their interview experiences and interview questions specific to companies. The ‘Interview Questions’ is a lifesaver as you’re preparing to ace your interview.

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Visit Glassdoor


Hiredly 1024x381

Are you a youth or a fresh graduate? Look no further than Hiredly for your job-seeking needs! 

Hiredly is an AI-powered job portal that specialises in helping fresh graduates find entry-level jobs. With more than 600,000 users to date, it’s also one of Malaysia’s most popular services for fresh graduates.

That doesn’t mean it’s only for students. In 2021, Hiredly has expanded its services to include jobs for mid and senior-level talent too.

Hiredly’s software does use an ATS Scanner to flag up applications, so make sure that your CV is polished enough to pass the test.

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What we like about Hiredly:

  • With its expertise in junior talent job services, Hiredly has an extensive range of opportunities for prospective interns as well. 
  • Junior and mid-level talent can gain access to Hiredly X, Hiredly’s headhunting services, just by dropping their CV into the platform. 
  • As a job hub for youths, it’s no wonder that Hiredly’s interface is clean and user-friendly!

Visit Hiredly 1024x299 is the only job portal that’s catered specifically towards those seeking internship experience in Malaysia.

The postings can be sorted according to industry, helping you locate the internship in the field of work you desire. 

But it’s not just for students or fresh graduates! There’s also full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs advertised on their site too. 

What we like about

  • Caters primarily to students and fresh graduates — few Malaysian job portals do this.
  • You can upload your resume and get headhunted by employers, saving you the trouble of finding a position. 
  • Each listing is tagged by location, role, job scope, internship duration, and monthly allowance — all the basic information you need in one glance. 

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Maukerja 1024x426

As one of Malaysia’s largest job portals, Maukerja offers thousands of job postings from both the private and public sectors all over Malaysia. 

If you’re interested in a general job portal that has a little of everything, Maukerja is the place for you.

What we like about Maukerja:

  • Maukerja offers unique filters such as ‘High Pay’ and ‘Urgent Hire’ that other job portals don’t, helping you better refine your search if you’re interested in these categories. 
  • Offers a blog section where jobseekers can ask questions about companies and receive anonymous replies from current and former employees. 

Visit Maukerja


Myfuturejob 1024x388

MyFutureJobs is a job matching portal created by the Social Security Organisation of the Ministry of Human Resources. 

We had to mention this because of its hiring incentives. 

Under the Hiring Incentive Program, employers can receive up to RM1,000 for hiring a job seeker via this platform.

How does that affect you?

Since employers get benefits for hiring job seekers, they’ll be even more enthusiastic about hiring you!

They can even send you to approved training courses to help you level up your skills.

What we like about MyFutureJobs:

  • Hiring Incentive Program gives you an edge over other applicants who may be applying for the same job through other means.
  • Wide range of jobs across MNCs and SMEs alike, with niche industries like ‘Libraries, archives, and museums’.
  • Includes contract and apprenticeship jobs that can’t be easily found in other job portals.

View MyFutureJobs


Parttimepost 1024x371

With the rise of the gig economy and the increasing appeal of the flexible work schedule, job portals such as PartTime Post are becoming more popular.

PartTime Post connects job seekers to its vast array of part-time, freelance, and temporary job recruitment. It offers positions in multiple categories, ranging from Accounting to Education to Logistics.

What we like about PartTime Post:

  • Want to work from home? PartTimePost offers a number of remote roles to help you on your way to becoming a digital nomad!
  • Although PartTimePost specialises in part-time work, we’ve spotted a few entry-level full-time positions as well, making this an ideal job portal for jobseekers with little working experience.

Visit PartTime Post

StartUp Jobs Asia

Startupjobs 1024x369

Want to use your talents to help startups grow? Look no further than StartUp Jobs Asia, your one-stop portal for startup job opportunities across the region. 

What we like about Startup Jobs Asia:

  • As it’s catered to startups, there’s a lot more listings for jobseekers interested in niche roles like full-stack developer, creative designer, or data engineer.
  • If you’re considering working abroad, the job portal also has a strong presence in the region with hundreds of listings from Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Visit StartUp Jobs Asia

Tech in Asia

TechinAsia 1024x260

Tech in Asia is Asia’s leading tech new site, offering services ranging from quality journalism on tech-related news in the region to AMAs with prominent tech figures. 

Importantly, Tech in Asia also has a comprehensive portal for job listings too!

What we like about Tech in Asia:

  • The job listings are mostly for tech roles, but there are also business, content marketing, and HR roles available, albeit with companies that are focused on tech.
  • For those looking for niche roles, Tech In Asia has unique filters like ‘Cloud Computing’, ‘Developer Tools’, and ‘Clean Tech’ that can help you narrow your search to the specific industry you’re looking for.

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Visit Tech in Asia


Whether you’re looking for a job as a fresh graduate, mid-career professional. or senior executive, here are the top 10 job portals in Malaysia to help you find your next suitable job. 

Alternatively, you can reach out to these Headhunters in Malaysia to look for a job too.

Happy hunting!

ResumeWriter Tip: Applying for jobs on job portals wouldn’t land you an interview if your CV is weak! Make sure your resume sells your skills and value effectively before applying for the role. Unsure if your resume is holding you back from opportunities? Send it in for a Complimentary CV Analysis! ​ ​

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