Fresh Graduate Career Resources List

January 18, 2021

Career Resources List

Applying for your first full-time job out of college can feel overwhelming. Endless CV revisions, job application emails, and interview preparations… all while studying for your Final Year Exams!

To help you, we’ve put together a list of resources for you to navigate the job market as a fresh graduate.

We’ve structured this resource to align with your job application process as a student.

  • Before Your Application
  • During Your Application
  • Before Your Interview

Before Your Application

College Student and Fresh Graduate CV Samples

As a college student or fresh graduate, it’s daunting to write an effective CV that sells your skills. Get inspired with our Fresh Graduate and College Student CV Samples! If you’d like – feel free to check out our 50+ other CV Samples for all kinds of professions in Malaysia.

Ultimate CV Guide 

Learn how to write a stellar CV with our Ultimate CV Guide! Our CV Writing guide uses a real client case study to take you through the step by step process of writing an effective CV. We use this guide to train new writers in our team, and now we’re opening our playbook to you.

10+ Free CV Templates

Feeling inspired after reading our CV Writing Guide? Have a go at writing your own CV with 10+ free CV Templates! Our CV Templates are professional, modern and ATS-optimized to help YOU land a job.

Ultimate Cover Letter Guide

Job hunting is a two-piece puzzle. A great CV can only get you so far. A Cover Letter, however, lets you speak directly to the Hiring Manager. This provides you with an added advantage from other fresh graduates!

7 Top Cover Letter Examples

Not sure how to write your own Cover Letter? Check out our top 7 Cover Letters we’ve written for our past clients. Today, they are holding roles in IKEA, AirBnB and even Facebook!

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job: Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Guide

LinkedIn is a great platform for you to grow your network, connect with industry professionals and reach out to recruiters. Position your profile positively and effectively to make a great online impact. Here’s how.

How to Ask for a Reference Letter

Need a Reference Letter from your Internship Supervisor, previous Boss or even your Professor? Learn the strategies to write a persuasive one, landing you that reference you need to clinch that dream job.

Malaysia Salary Guide (2021)

How does your starting pay stack up against your peers? Are you being fairly compensated? Get answers to these questions in our Malaysia Salary Guide – updated and enhanced for 2021!

During Your Application

How to Write a Job Application Email

These days, it’s increasingly common to send a Job Application Email together with your resume to the employer. Learn how to write a persuasive and captivating one to craft a memorable first impression. We’ve even included 3 Job Application Email samples as inspiration!

Understanding Competitive Advantage

As a fresh graduate or college student, have you ever wondered how you can attract more opportunities than your peers from your University, Year or even Faculty? The secret: competitive advantage. Here’s how to set one for yourself.

Before Your Interview

How to Ace Your Job Interview

Landing a job interview is a great feat – congratulations! But don’t waste this opportunity by attending the interview unprepared. Learn how to make the most of this one chance to prove yourself in front of your potential employers.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions

Get a headstart with preparing for your job interview with our 12 most common job interview questions, and how you can answer them!

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