How Much You Should Be Making in 2024 | Ultimate Malaysia Salary Guide

January 01, 2024

Salary guide

How do you know if you’re underpaid? Are you getting the salary you deserve?

What is the average salary for your role?

We’ve put together this ultimate Malaysia salary guide to help you out. Use this as a salary checker, to benchmark your pay against everyone else in your industry.

This salary information can help you plan your expected salary, and negotiate a better compensation package for yourself. 🙂

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    Malaysia Salary: Frequently Asked Questions

    Just want to check out salary numbers and trends for a specific occupation or industry?

    Jump right ahead 🙂

    What is the minimum wage in Malaysia?

    According to The Star, Malaysia’s minimum wage stands at RM 1,200 (US$283) per month. The minimum wage for hourly employees is RM 5.77 (US$ 1.36) per hour.

    What is the average salary in Malaysia?

    Average salaries in Malaysia differ across every industry. We’ve put together a list of average expected salaries in Malaysia in 2024, sorted by industry:

    Should I state my expected salary in my resume?

    In our Ultimate Resume Guide, we recommend that you avoid stating your expected salary in your resume.

    Only bring up the topic of salary at the later stages of the interview process, when you have been given the job offer. Then, you can negotiate salary details with your employer.

    What is Malaysia’s personal income tax rate?

    Malaysia’s personal income tax follows a progressive tax system. The system has a wide range of marginal tax brackets across all income levels, starting at 1% for employees earning between RM 5,000 and RM 20,000, and 30% for employees earning above RM 2,000,000.

    For the full personal income tax table, refer to this official table by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

    How much salary do you need to pay income tax in Malaysia?

    Employees earning above RM 34,000 per year (or RM 2,833.33 per month) are required to register a tax file. All sources of income are taxed, including overtime pay, bonuses, commissions, business income, dividends, interest, royalties and pensions.

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