4 Tips To Get A Job From Your Personal Network


Stop wasting your time on job boards. Connections, whether personal or professional, are by far the #1 way that people acquire new employment. The fact is, most job opportunities aren’t even advertised. In a bid to avoid hours upon hours screening hundreds of resumes and interview mediocre candidates, many hiring managers bypass advertising job openings

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7 Tips For Moms Re-joining The Workforce


Are you a stay at home mother itching to return to the workforce, now that your children are grown? Or are you stuck, uncertain of how to stage your comeback after a long break? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you—just follow these 7 simple tips! Be Flexible Keep an open mind and don’t feel

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How to Answer “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”


“You’ve told me about your strengths. I want to now know what are your biggest weakness?” I hate that question. As a former recruiter, I can tell you that it doesn’t tell me anything about the quality of the candidate. In fact, I no longer use it when hiring people. Unfortunately, it still remains the

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7 Productivity Hacks Every Jobseeker Must Know


I spoke with several people who seem to be able to juggle it all. I dug deep into their best practices and learnt their secrets to success. Here are 7 productivity hacks everyone should know.   1. No Email Until 10am. What’s the first thing you do when you get into work? Check your email,

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6 Things A Headhunter Won’t Tell You


Headhunters are the gatekeepers to the most sought after jobs in every industry. Unfortunately, their processes are rather opaque. As a former headhunter, here’s my insight into the industry. It’s important as a jobseeker to understand that headhunters get paid when we successfully place you in a job. Finding a headhunter who believes in your

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