How To Write Great Achievements In Your Resume (with 20+ Examples)

January 24, 2022

Achivements Scaled

It’s critical to include key achievements in your resume. This helps you stand out from other candidates who may have similar backgrounds and experiences as you. Resume achievements also establish your credibility by demonstrating how you’ve added tangible value to a team and company. 

The primary purpose of your resume is to impress a recruiter or hiring manager enough to secure an interview. Although over 80% of the applicants may meet all the requirements of a role, less than 10% will actually make it to the next stage. 

In this guide, we will answer the following questions about resume achievements:

  • What are resume achievements (and what are they not)? 
  • How do you write and structure resume achievements?
  • What are some types of resume achievements and examples you can use?

Let’s dive in!

What are Resume Achievements

Resume achievements are specific milestones and successes that you have accomplished in your previous or current roles. These make you stand out because they show evidence of how your skills and experiences have led to significant results and outcomes.

Here are 2 sample achievements for a Digital Marketer that show how the candidate has added value to the team and company: 

Achievements are not the same as work scopes or job descriptions, which are more generic, but still highlight keywords and phrases that ATS scanners will look for. 

Here are 3 examples of work scopes for a Digital Marketer that show how the candidate has relevant experience to the role that they are applying for.

Achievements show the candidate’s abilities through milestones. Workscopes tell employers what the candidate has done in their prior roles.

How to Write Resume Achievements

Although there may be different ways to write down resume achievements, we recommend the following template:

Resume achievements should be quantifiable, specific (e.g. time boxed), and tailored to the job that you’re applying for. This template starts with the result or outcome because it will immediately impress the recruiter or hiring manager when they read it.

Here’s one example:

Keywords and phrases are also critical, and little tweaks can make or break your application.

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7 Types of Resume Achievements (with Examples!)

If you are stuck on what type of achievements to include on your resume, refer to the following examples: 

#1 – Meeting or Exceeding a Goal

Your individual role or team likely has goals and targets that need to be met on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 

Highlight significant goals and achievements that you met or exceeded, and how you achieved them:

#2 – Managing a Team or Project

Demonstrating leadership skills is a great way to showcase your potential for taking on new roles and responsibilities in the future. If possible, emphasize results and outcomes.

Mention any teams or projects where you played a leadership or coordinating role:

#3 – Driving Growth in Results 

All teams and companies strive to grow their results over time. 

It is important to highlight how you have played an active role in these efforts:

#4 – Saving Time or Money

Cost savings and time savings are key to efficiently running teams and organizations. 

Determine if you have helped your team or company in these areas:

#5 – Solving Critical Problems

Every team has unique and different problems to solve each year.

Demonstrate how you’ve used your critical thinking to create meaningful solutions:

#6 – Helping Others Succeed

Beyond individual accomplishments, hiring managers look for great team players who can influence through others.

Highlight how you have helped or supported others in their success:

#7 – Taking Initiative

Hiring managers want someone who will be proactive in solving problems or helping the team advance.

Discuss times when you have taken initiative to improve processes or problems:


Now, you understand what resume achievements are, why they are important, and how you can include them on your resume. 

A final tip for collecting these resume achievements would be to document them on a regular basis throughout your career. This document will be handy when the time comes to put together a stellar resume!

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