Mid Career CV Package (Between 5 - 15 Years Experience)

We’ll write you an effective CV tailored for your desired role. Once you’ve ordered your package, you’ll be assigned a Resume Writing Consultant that specialises in your field.

Your Consultant will discuss your career goals and work experience, outline a strategy for your CV, and share expert guidance.

1990 RM


Get our complete jobseeker add-on bundle at a special discounted rate:

SAVE RM 360 Our Complete Jobseeker Package includes:
  • LinkedIn Profile Update
  • Personalised Cover Letter
  • Jobseeker Email Templates

Or get our individual add-ons:

  • We'll optimise your LinkedIn profile to make it get more messages from recruiters
  • Save time on applying to jobs. Let the recruiters come to you
  • Use this letter to appeal directly to a Hiring Manager with a personal statement
  • Sell them on why you'd be perfect for that role in their organisation
  • Stand out from the other applicants. Land positions you’re not quite qualified for!
Our Jobseeker Email Templates include:
  • How to effectively email to say thank you after the interview
  • How to connect with a Headhunter
  • How to message Hiring Managers directly
  • ...and many more!
  • Get market data on what your salary should be based on your experiences
  • Plan conversation scripts you should tell HR to boost their offer by 15%
  • Practice scripts with your coach during the call
  • If you're unsure about your next career move, book a call with one of our career coaches.
  • Dive deep into your career history & identify your core strengths
  • Identify promising career paths which leverage on your innate talents
  • Nail that interview with our 1-on-1 interview training session
  • We'll provide you a list of interview questions to expect
  • We'll also provide LinkedIn Profiles & Emails of the hiring managers / interviewers (if available)
  • Includes video recording

Need your new CV ASAP?

With Express Delivery, you'll receive the 1st Draft of your resume within 1 working day of your phone interview. The Express service fee is non-refundable, and subject to availability (please contact us to confirm). *Non-Express (standard) delivery is 3 working days after the phone interview.
Total: 1990 RM