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Get Both Cover Letter & Linkedin Update Services at a Discounted Bundle Price!
When you add a LinkedIn profile to your order, your professional resume writer will also create your LinkedIn profile, so the two will be optimized to work together. Your writer adapts your career story and skills to match the most-used keywords in your industry to place your Linkedin profile at the top of search results.
A good cover letter can include more specific information about why you may be a good fit for a position, can demonstrate some of your personality, and may also include information like whether you would relocate. When you add a cover letter to your resume revamp service, the same writer will create your cover letter, ensuring that your cover letter and resume work together effectively.
With Express, receive the first draft of your resume within 1 working day of your phone interview. Non-Express (normal) delivery is 3 working days after the phone interview. The express service fee is non-refundable.

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