CV Template Options

Choose the template that you like best

#1 Timeless Black

Timeless Black

A no frills ATS friendly template. Recruiters love this for its condensed text block. And easy to read sections.

#2 Professional Blue

Professional Blue

Simple yet distinctive in style. A slight shade of blue that looks great even when printed in black & white.

#3 Professional Black

Professional Black

An all black variation of our professional template

#4 Classic Red

Classic Red

A clean template with an exciting dash of red. Perfect if you’re looking to stand out with a bit of colour.

#5 Classic Blue

Classic Blue

A blue variation of our classic template. A more understated but still colourful option

#6 Bold Red

Bold Red

A striking template with bold text and distinctive red tones. Gives a very macho feel.

#7 Modern Blue

Modern Blue

A more contemporary style, with dashes of blue scattered throughout.

#8 Simple Violet

Simple Violet

Simple template with a fresh shade of violet

#9 Simple Green

Simple Green

Variation of our simple template with a soothing tone of green.