Free Resume Template


Free Resume Template Malaysia Style Here are 4 free resume templates for the Malaysia market. They’ve been created by our in house design team in an easy to use and appealing format. These templates contain all the main sections advocated by top HR Managers and Headhunters in Malaysia. Stick to it and you’ll be sure

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Our Formula For A Great Resume (That Gets You Callbacks)


You’re sending your resume to jobs you’re more than qualified for. Unfortunately, you’re not getting any callbacks. WHATS GOING ON? The truth is, 90% of applicants do meet all the criteria listed in the job ad – just like you! You’re just another one of a few dozen resumes in the pile that while were

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How To Write A Great Linkedin Profile


Linkedin has revolutionized the HR industry. It is now the go-to place when looking for quality candidates to fill an open position. Here are some tips on how you can maximise your presence on Linkedin. Picture A professionally taken picture is an absolute must for your linkedin profile. Do ensure you have a studio taken

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How To Write Great Accomplishments For Your Resume


Why Include Accomplishments Or Achievements? Getting an interview isn’t just about meeting all the requirements mentioned in the job advertisement. Over 80% of the applicants to a job advertisement will meet all the requirements. Yet, less than 10% will be called for an interview. To ensure you’re in that 10%, you need to include some

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Job Hunting Tips From Hiring Managers


We’ve conducted a survey amongst hiring managers in Hong Kong. Below, you’ll find the top tips they’ve shared on how to get that first interview. Your Resume Is Not Read By A Human – It’s Read By A Computer First Every single company on the Fortune 500 list currently uses some form of an applicant resume screening

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