20 Great Résumé Power Words


You find yourself in an elevator with the recruiter for your dream job, but you have less than a minute to make a good first impression before they have to get off. So what do you do? Most probably, you’re not going to waste that precious minute with vague, non-descriptive chatter like “I am a

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De-mystifying Executive Summaries


The recruiter for your dream job opens up your résumé file. Five seconds later, they close it. Why? Most likely, they didn’t see anything in those precious few seconds to convince them it was worth the effort to continue reading. After all, your CV is but one of dozens in the stack they will need

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Four Resume Killers To Avoid


Introduction The best and biggest weapon in your job hunt arsenal is your résumé. But all it takes is one “killer” red-flag for it to get thrown into the reject pile. To heighten your chances of a call-back, check out these top 4 killers and how to avoid them.   Unprofessional Details Your résumé is

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Ultimate Guide To Crisp Resume Language


Introduction Perhaps you’ve spent hours or even days polishing up your résumé, but the truth is, recruiters and hiring managers aren’t going to dedicate more than a few minutes to reading it. So you have to get the most out of your resume in those precious few minutes – both in terms of its visual

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