Our Formula For A Great Resume (That Gets You Callbacks)


You’re sending your resume to jobs you’re more than qualified for. Unfortunately, you’re not getting any callbacks. WHATS GOING ON?

The truth is, 90% of applicants do meet all the criteria listed in the job ad – just like you! You’re just another one of a few dozen resumes in the pile that while were impressive, weren’t impressive enough to warrant a callback.

Here’s a little secret from Google’s SVP of HR, Laszlo Bock.

Let’s assume you’ve read that post and scrubbed your resume so it’s concise, error-free, legible, and honest. You’re already better off than at least half the applicants out there. Whats the last piece of the jigsaw? Your accomplishments.

– Google SVP of HR, Laszlo Bock

But how do you make your accomplishments stand out? There’s a simple formula. Every one of your accomplishments should be presented as:

Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]

Its really simple. Let me give you some examples based on each industry.

Which of the 2 below do you think sounds better?

Original Client Accomplishment:

Studied financial performance of companies and made investment recommendations

Our Version of the same Accomplishment:

Significantly improved investment portfolio returns by 18% ($1.8M) over one year period by including clear benchmarks on expected returns and cost of capital for centralized Return-On-Capital calculations.

No points for guessing – the second version definitely sounds WAY better.

Why does it sound so much more impressive? Its really easy. Explaining how you did it adds credibility and gives insight into your strengths. Using numbers help to quantify your achievements and add substance to your claim.

But then you ask, “I’m not a banker. How can I write similar achievements for myself”

I’m in a really good mood so I’ve made a dozen or so examples specific to each industry.

Fresh Grad:

Original Achievement:

Participated in Leadership Training Program

Rewritten Achievement:

Selected as one of 30 students for month long leadership training program for high-achieving diverse talent based on leadership potential, ability to contribute to this MLT cohort, and academic success

Finance Executives & Consultants

Original Accomplishment:

Responsible for negotiating service contracts with ABC Company

Re-Written Accomplishment:

Successfully negotiated 30% ($500k) reduction in costs with ABC company for IT server maintenance. Achieved savings by issuing public tender with well defined scope of work resulting in multiple competitive bids.

Customer Service Exec

Original Accomplishment:

Delivered positive customer service to clients

Re-Written Accomplishment:

Delivered excellent customer service skills resulting in client satisfaction scores in top 99% percentile of cohort and several employee of the month awards.

Supply Chain Executive

Original Accomplishment:

Reduced procurement costs for rubber raw materials

Re-Written Accomplishment:

Instrumental in reducing rubber raw material procurement costs by 20% (3 million SGD). Consolidated annual orders for regional subsidiaries and signed highly competitive long term purchase agreement with manufacturer.

Marketing manager

Original Accomplishment:

Drove increase in sales

Re-Written Accomplishment:

Led cross-functional 10-member team to develop and implement global online advertising strategy for $X million XYZ brand resulting in 25-point increase in share of voice, and contributing to 18% year-over-year sales improvement ($XM) for client.

Those were plenty of examples. I think you get the gist of it 😉

Don’t feel intimidated. I’m sure you’re more than capable of finding some way of measuring your contributions.

And even if your accomplishments don’t seem that impressive to you, recruiters will nevertheless love the attention to detail.

This analytical approach is highly valued at any business, in any role. It’ll likely be the difference between getting an interview callback or being lost in the pile of applicants.

Put in that bit of extra effort and clinch that dream job. 🙂

If you’re still feeling stuck, you can reach out to us for help here. I’ll personally see that a member of our team attends to your case.

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